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The ultimate startup battle

CodeSprint 8 marks the 8th iteration of the flagship event organized by the IEEE Student Branch of IIT, in collaboration with the Women in Engineering Affinity Group and the IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter. It is dedicated to finding young entrepreneurs who can offer groundbreaking solutions to the global supply chain. The event is all about bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them turn their startup ideas into reality.







Amazing prizes

LKR 125,000
LKR 200,000
LKR 75,000

Three Phases of Success



Engage in research and brainstorming sessions to come up with innovative and feasible startup ideas. This period lays the groundwork for innovation, paving the way for the development of future entrepreneurial ventures.



Build a minimum viable product while improving your technical pitch via the product pitch session to convey the intricacies of your innovation. Anticipation builds as the promising ideas advance into the Startup Phase.



The top 10 finalists refine projects, receive business guidance, and compete for the victory in the Grand Finale. It's a journey of transformation and fierce competition to build the most successful startup venture.

The Legacy of CodeSprint

The inter-university startup incubator provides a vibrant platform for undergraduates from diverse academic backgrounds to showcase their problem-solving skills and creativity, working tirelessly to develop groundbreaking software solutions that address real-world challenges. This event cultivates a culture of innovation through a series of phases and intense competition, empowering participants to engage with industry experts and propel the future of technology forward. CodeSprint stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, ingenuity, and the enduring legacy of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology.

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All Questions Answered!

How many people can be there in a team?

A team can consist of 3-5 participants.

Who can participate in CodeSprint 8?

CodeSprint is specially designed for undergraduates.

What products can the participants build?

Tech based innovative solutions.

Does CodeSprint 8 require any prior coding skills to participate in?

While prior coding experience can be advantageous, it's not a requirement. Participation in CodeSprint can add great value to your skills and knowledge, regardless of your coding background.

Can a team consist of participants from different universities?

Participants from the same university are preferred to be in the same group, as CodeSprint 8 is an inter university competition.

Do the participants need to attend physically?

Participants must be physically present during the startup phase.

Will I get a certificate of participation?

Yes, all participants who have submitted their ideate submissions will receive e-certificates as recognition of their participation and contribution to the event.

How can I register for CodeSprint 8?

To register, visit our website and navigate to the registration page. Fill in the required details for yourself and your team members to secure your spot.

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Registration deadline: 27th February

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